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Junkyard Fury 2 Base

A horror first person strategy game! Shut down the killer cars before it's too late! · By dhoodproductions


Recent updates

quick patch, fixed a few issues
Updated the game a few times, mainly just optimization. Some of the vehicles were not able to be fixed, should be good now. Also adjusted some instances that we...
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Just a regular update, nothing to see here
Just a regular update, fixed an issue with the car death animations glitching out. That is all, and nothing else. I totally didn't add anything big that would l...
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Added Activity Amplifier Tool
Added a new activity amplifier tool to the game that will adjust how difficult you want an area to be. You can choose freely, but there is a risk reward element...
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Vehicle Headlights Adjusted
Worked on vehicle headlights, realized how dim they are in early levels, so increased the range and intensity of the lights, should be more effective...
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Junkyard Fury 2 Release
Just released Junkyard Fury 2 to! Feel free to check it out! If you'd like to play a demo of the game before you buy, you can check out my page for the...
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